Thursday, March 25, 2010


A couple of weeks ago my family got together in Oklahoma to celebrate my Great Grandmas birthday. My mom has been wanting to get family pictures since Bella was born. So we finally decided why not try this time. The only thing was we didn't know any photographers where we were going. So we decided I would just set up my camera and get us where we needed and someone else would take the picture. We ended up having my grandma take the pictures. And if any of you know my Grandma you will know what a hoot she is. I had so much fun taking the pictures. If you look at the last pic I thought that it would be fun to jump of the stairs and have an action picture. My mom with her arthritis didn't think it was that great of idea but she went along with it. in every picture Bella looks terrified. They were a blast to "take" even though I was in them!

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